Elegant.   Beautiful. Natural.  

Natual Turnings made in Inverary, Ontario, Canada.

Natural Turnings
Recent Work

Spalted Beech salad bowl

Maple bowl with burned leaf embellishment

Snow people

Spalted elm lidded box

3 axis exercise, Maple

Turned flowers, mahogany, maple.

Spalted cherry flared bowl

Square cherry bowl

Cherry rolling pin

Spalted boxelder with coloured epoxy

Walnut bracelets

Pine bowl with mahogany dowel inserts

Cherry bowl with natural edge.

Spalted elm shaving brush, imported badger hair.

Basswood and cherry baby rattles.

Mulberry Waldorf School Winter Show

Weeping willow vase

Spalted elm flared square bowl

Spalted elm square bowl

Cherry spurtle

napkin rings

Spalted cherry bowl

Rosie in cherry bowl

Birch burl bowl

Square cherry bowl

Cherry square bowl

Walnut dish

Elm crotch bowl

tree ornaments

string pull spinning top

Maple bottle stopper

Garden dibbler

Maple burl bowl with coffee grounds in worm holes.

I love to turn! Creating something on the lathe is such a wonderful experience. Each turning is different and it changes as you work.

Natural Turnings Inquiries

For custom orders click here and for upcoming shows information contact Walt at info@naturalturnings.ca